TUNE Project

Tune is an effort born indirectly from a Federal grant given to 13 states in the US. These 13 states all had high rates of infant mortality; in this case Nebraska is one of those 13. After much research, it was determined that one of the contributing factors to this problem was the lack of care by which young people, especially young women, provide for themselves. Young people these days allow their emotional and physical health to take a backseat to other responsibilities in life, whether by not finishing high school or college or choosing to hit a party instead of getting much needed sleep. They don’t realize their actions now will take a toll on their future well-being. Tune aims to push young people to find balance, embrace good habits and tune their lives accordingly.

Tune is working with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and also a Nebraska-based marketing agency, Bailey Lauerman, to raise awareness on the many issues affecting the emotional and physical health of young people. The songwriting contest is just the beginning of this effort. As a first step, submissions will be collected through November 9, 2009 for a panel of judges to review. The selected artists will then be contacted and brought into a recording studio in Lincoln, NE to record their song.