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Building a gym is a common DIY project, as people increasingly turn their back on professional gyms, and in particular the big name chains of fitness centres. The change is believed to come down to a single and simple reason – cost.

If you’ve belonged to a gym over more than a few years, you’ll know that the price of membership has soared. A great comparison is mobile phones – fifteen years ago an average gym membership cost significantly less than an average phone contract, whereas today it’s the other way around.

While mobile phones are a technology business, and you would expect prices to fall over time, consumers are even deserting the traditional phone contracts, instead moving towards pay as you go or sim free alternatives like you’ll find at Compare that to a gym membership, and it’s hardly surprising that fitness fanatics are turning to cheaper alternatives too.

While an annual gym pass will likely set you back around £500, you can get a high quality home gym machine for around the same cost, and you don’t lose that after the initial year rolls around. For example, you can buy a home cross trainer ( for less than the cost of a yearly membership, or by spending a little more, get a really advanced model or a 2 in 1 machine that’s going to go a long way towards working on your major muscle groups.

So, what has this got to do with power tools? Well, it’s a great way to work on some home DIY projects, and venture out from the same boring old tasks like building shelving or cabinets. If you’re low on available space, you can put your DIY skills to use in converting the garage or making a home gym out in the garden shed. You’d be surprised how good these locations are, even in the winter, as you don’t want to be too hot when exercising, or you’ll find your workout gets tough quickly.

A little DIY skill will make it easy to draught proof your shed or garage, which will go a long way towards keeping it from getting too cold. What’s more, garages in particular will often benefit from power outlets already, so you can get a cheap electric heater to take the chill off. They’re really quick to heat up a small space too, and you won’t be too worried once you work up a sweat so probably won’t even need to leave it running.

If you’re thinking that the garden shed is a more likely option, get a quick quote from a local electrician, as it’s often easier than you think to run a cable out to fit a socket, and it can be buried under grass or patio slabs. We don’t recommend trying it yourself though unless you’re qualified, and that goes for anything to do with electrics, gas or water – things can quickly go wrong!

All in all, you can start small with a project to get to work with your power tools, and build your perfect home gym. What’s more, the effort you put in to adapt your space to a home gym will mean that you’re already on the road to better fitness, or to put it another way, save you a few minutes on the cross trainer!